Sunday, 27 May 2012

Zendala Dare #7

Yet another great Zendala Dare from Erin at

After doing these dares for a few weeks now I am realising that I have a distinct style and I tend to use the same tangles again and again. So for the first one I just went with the flow and I think this is my favourite. Of course 'snake' is in there :-)  (btl-joos). Its a very graphic look.

I then thought I should try and produce something a bit softer, so I started with Fengle in the middle which is a fantastic tangle. I then used 3 new tangles that I have not tried before, beadlines, BB and Pokeleaf. This one has a completely different look

I then went back to a few tangles that I have used before and I am not so sure about this third tile, but I suppose there are no mistakes in tangling so here it is anyway. I used Shattuck, Stricles, Paradox and Mooka.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

I am the Diva - Challenge #71

This week yet another great challenge from Laura at

I found using Pea-nuckle really difficult. I can not do it in a way tht flows easily and it's not relaxing to use for me. I have to concentrate too hard on getting it right. I am too much of a perfectionist. I went for a tangelation and made it stripey, to match my favoutite tangle pattern which sneaks in again!
I don't think I will be using pea-nuckle again, but it was good to try it out.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Zendala Dare #6

Hard to believe that we are already on dare number 6 and what a great zendala template this week. I found this one a bit easier, it flowed more easily.

Here's a link to Erin's challenge page

For my first attempt I thought I would try and use some new tangles. I tried out tripoli and wirly bird for the first time and I though they went nicely with the template. Then added in a few favourites of paradox and BTL Joos (Snake :-)  )

For my second attempt I just went with the flow and something completely different popped out!

Another great fun challenge, thanks Erin

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

I am the Diva - Challenge #70

This weeks challenge from Laura at was really great fun. My first problem though was no brown pen. I searched the house and finally found something I could use. Probably not Sepia...just brown.

Last week I really was inspired to try steampunk by Alice  at submission to Erin's zendala dare.

Brown seems to go well with the whole steampunk thing so I gave it a go with a ZIA. I am also working on my shading and trying to get more depth in my tangles. I still have a way to go with this but it's not a bad start.

I then did a more traditional tile and tried to make this one more organic in line with the brown pen.

It was a fun challenge which certainly got me out of my comfort zone of black.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Zendala Dare 5

Time for Zendala dare 5 from Erin at the Bright Owl ,

This one also said Art Deco to me. So that was the theme of my first tile.

The next one I just decided to have a bit of fun and 'snake' was back again. Snake seems to feature very frequently in my tangles somewhere. (Not sure what the real name of this tangle is)

Friday, 11 May 2012

I am the Diva-Challenge #69

This week's challenge from Laura at was to use the tangle groovy.
I have not used this one before so it was a bit of an adventure.

My last attenpt is the following tile, where I used the tangle 3 time in 3 different scales and one of them I added some modifications. I like the overall finished effect.

Before that I had a new blue pen so I thought I would try something blue, I was watching TV and saw a flag and thought why not do something patriotic. So here's my Groovy flag. It's a bit skew whiff but apart from that it captures what I was looking for. I shaded in black which was a mistake. I think next time it should be blue shading. However this is my first attempt as colour so I guess you live and learn.

My first attmpt at this tangle did not work but I would be happy for any advice people have. I was trying to get the look of a vortex, but I did not manage to get the feeling of depth that I needed, it looks very flat, any hints on how to do this would be appreciated. Where it's black in the middle I started with a net then checks, but it all looked too busy so I just went for black in the end!!

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Zendala Dare 4

Time for the weekly Zendala dare by Erin (Hope you are having a lovely cruise!)

This week's challenge was to use the Ocean and/or Mexico as inspiration.


I started off with the Ocean as I thought this would be easier, however it turned out to be more tricky to get the right feeling

I used Snaylz Trayl as I thought this looked like shells and River stones along the edge to give the watery feeling, then finished off with Antodots to give a seaweed type feeling aroung the edge.


Rather than go with colour on my Mexico tile I took inspiration from Mexican designs that you see on rugs and blankets.

The tangle around the outside is Ambler, but the other two tangles I made up myself, I hope that's allowed! I think it gives an Aztec/Mexican feel.

I am the Diva-Challenge #68

I am the diva has a weekly challenge and this is my first go at one of them.  The challenge this week was to use just 2 tangles hybrid and strircles. I have not tried this kind of challenge before so it took me a while to get going. Because I have been doing a few Zendala's recently my finished tile turned out pretty structured and simple, but I like it.

I think it looks like a funky brolly (Thaks an Umbrella for all you non UK folks)