Friday, 27 July 2012

Diva Challenge #80

This weeks challenge can be found here and was to use the Tangle Mi2. This is one that I have looked at the finished tangle before and thought too complex, however when you try it out it is quite simple to do. That's what I love about these challenges, they get me to try things that I might not have done otherwise.

I had a couple of goes at this and it was fun, this pattern is one that can have so many variations, it's been fun looking at how others have interpreted it.

Mi2 with Angelfish

Mi2 with Finery and Pokeleaf

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Zentangle Inspired Art Prompt #28 Tangled Fruit

This weeks ZIA prompt was to tangle using a string in the shape of a fruit. You can see the challenge  here.   I googled fruit for some inspration and thought a pineapple would be fun. I started by colouring the pineapple itself with a base colour which was a pearlescent paint. This does not work that well with the pens as the ink seems to sit on the top and goes a sort of grey colour rather than black. Apart from this I am quite happy with it as I am only just getting used to using colour and moving away from the traditional Zentangles.

Tangled Fruit

I also have a previous challenge that I had a go at called Tape the string. I had the same problem with this one and the pearlescent paint.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Zendala Dare #14

The dare from Erin at The Bright Owl this week was a zendala of concentric circles. I found this one quite tricky. My first thought was snakes, but back to those later.

I was struggling to see what tangles would work with this. Of course, now that I have completed my tiles and looked at some other peoples ideas I wonder why I couln't think of those.

Anyway I went back to the steampunk look and used Assemblies and Spinner to give it a mechanical or Industrial type feel. I like the way it turned out.

Assemblies and Spinner

My first attempt was for a laugh because those of you who have visited my blog before know how much I like 'snake' and it usually turns up somewhere in my designs. Well here's a whole zendala full of them. I hope it makes you smile!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

ZIA Art Journal - Prompt #27 - TRIANGLE PARTY

I have been Zentangling now for a few months and recently became aware of Art Journaling due to all the blog surfing I have been doing. I am not a particularly 'arty' person. I just love 'doodling' and the structure that Zentangle puts around this. However I thought I would like to give Art Journaling a go but wasn't quite sure where to start.

When I discovered the Zentangle Inspired Art Journal Prompts over at Tangles and Stuff  I thought this was a great place to start to break me in gently, so here I am, hello everyone, this is my first attempt.

The challenge was to use triangles to create a string and/or to use triangular tangles. I had fun doing this and I loved the Youtube inspirational video, Thanks for the challenge.

Triangle Party

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

I am the Diva Challenge #78

This weeks challenge from Laura which you can see  here is to use Auraknot. I was off to a head start with this one as I had used it for Erins Zendala challenge last week.

Auraknot in Zendala
For the Zendala a structured approach was needed. I then tried a more unstructured approach for this challenge. I really love this tangle because it looks so complicated but is actually really easy to do.
What I found really takes the time is the shading if you want it to look three dimensional.

My final attempt was a more simple tile but I love how this one turned out.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Zendala Dare #13

This week the dare from Erin was to play with paper and move out of our comfort zone and not use white paper. See the challenge here  Dare #13

I did this in 2 steps, first I tried the zendala on white paper and once I was happy that it worked I redid it on coloured paper.

Here is my white attempt using Rick and Maria's new tangle pattern Auraknot, this is a really fun pattern.

Auraknot on white paper

Here is the attempt on coloured paper, this is checked background paper. I struggled to find paper without too much of a pattern on it. Also When I came to shade it I used pencil which made it look muddy and grey so I rubbed that out and ended up shading with a coloured pencil. I found this tricky as it doesn't smudge. I am not sure if I like the finished article as much as the version on white paper as it disappears into the paper a bit too much. Perhaps I should have used a thicker nibed pen rather than the 0.1 micron.

Auraknot on patterned paper

I had another go, this time with some flowery paper and a thicker pen, this seemed to work out better. I think that I will stick to the white paper in future though!

Saturday, 7 July 2012


This Tangle is for this weeks  Diva Challenge #77 .

This is a new tangle by Rho Densmore, CZT called Fiore di Pietro, she designed this tangle in memory of her Brother-In-Law Peter who recently passed away. You can read more here.

Rho, you have permission to use my design if you wish to include it in the rememberance book that you are creating.

Fiore Di Pietro

I found this a really interesting pattern that can be interpreted in many ways and there are some fantastic examples of this for this weeks challenge that can be seen on Laura's blog.

Fiore di Pietro, Wirlz and Tendrils

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Zendala Dare #12

This weeks dare from Erin at  was great, I immediately saw flowers and had fun with this one. Again two very different looks. I am not at home so had to take a picture rather than scan these in.

The first one uses Golven, Mumsy,Stricles and Frillee

The second one, I thought that I would try pea-nuckle again as I struggled with it last time, the flower is made of Brigden with Poke-leaf around the outside.

Thanks for your visits and comments.