Sunday, 30 September 2012

Celtic Knot Challenge 7

When I first saw this template for the Celtic Knot Challenge by Judy here I thought of fire and crowns (Dont ask me why) so I went for an orange/yellow fire theme and them regal purple for the crown bit. 

I don't really like the finished tile, it just foesn't feel right to me. However I am posting it anyway as there are no mustakes in Zentangle!!

So after that attempt I thought I would go black and white and simple for the second attempt, I much prefer this one.


Monday, 24 September 2012

Diva Challenge #88 IX

The challenge this week from Laura at I am the Diva was to use the new official tangle IX.

I decided to make mine (almost) a monotangle. The only tricky bit was knowing where to stop with the auras so it didn't look too overdone. I added some Fescu type curls and some Crescent Moon on at the end to make it look less lonely on the page.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Zendala Dare #24

This weeks dare from Erin at The Bright Owl can be seen here.

I started more softly this week. It was an interesting pattern that we had to work from , a little different which gave me a good challenge.

Bitten, Cvetic, Girlande, D-Vine, Cruffle, Betweed

For my second attempt the snakes came back out. They have been inhiding for a while, so I did this one all with BTL Joos, using a bit of celtic knot under and over around the edge. I find this pattern so soothing.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Zendala Dare #23

The dare this week from Erin at The Bright Owl can be found here.

A different shape this week to give us a new challenge. My first attempt was very monochromatic. Also strangely enough I seem to have used 3 tangles whose names started with a bizarre, I didn'tplan it that way, and good old Prestwood snuck in at the end.

Bluebonnets, BB, Betweed, Bulb Lantern and Prestwood.

I decided to try and make my second attempt softer so went for more organic, leafy tangles and used a few ones that I have discovered recently.You have to excuse the mistake I had with one of my Mookas, however I did not want to start all over again with the tile, so the messy bit had to stand.

Euca, D-vine, Mooka, Veridough, Furr-Balls

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Diva Challenge #86

The challenge this week from Laura can be seen here.  We were asked to think 'ouside the box' or as this is Tangling, outside the string.The challenge is to break free of your border! To create a tile or ZIA where SOME element of your work goes beyond the border and stretches or expands out, free from constraints!! 

I started off with Verdigogh which is a great tangle and I love drawing, then I added my Fescu feather and a few Mooka. I got stuck at this point as I had a lot of white space and wasn't sure how to fill it as the patterns are very light and I wasn't sure how to tangle around and make it look natural. I decided just to add some dangles and a Euca across the page and then use some colour to finish it off.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Zentangle Inspired Art Journal Prompt # 32 Tangled MirĂ³

This challenge was so much fun.  I was not really that aware of  Miro's art work until I started looking at some of his pictures to help me out with this challenge. We had to try and tangle in a Miro style. You can see the challenge here.

I found a couple of pictures that I liked and used these to copy the basic shapes and then I tangled and coloured to my hearts content.

Here is Miro's attampt
Miro-Hommage a Picasso
Here is my Tangled version

Hommage a 'Hommage a Picasso'
And here is Miro's second painting

Miro - The Melancholic Singer

And my attempt

What a lot of fun I had with this challenge. It's great to try something new.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Celtic Knot Challenge #4

The Celtic Knot challenge this week can be found here and was to decorate a modern Celtic Cross.

I did this one without colour this week as I liked how it looked once it was drawn.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Zendala Dare #22 Monodala

The challenge this week as well as being a mandala was to complete it using only one tangle. See the challenge here.

I really enjoy monotangles and did one for last weeks Zendala dare and also last weeks Diva challenge. I find that it requires much less thinking and trying to work out which tangles go together. Once you start with a tangle there's no stopping until you are done.

I enjoyed this so much this week I did 3 different tiles.

I started with one of my favourite tangles, Auraknot. It was a bit tricky at first working out exactly how this would link together, but I love how it turned out.

I then had a go with Mooka, which just seemed to sit nicely in the teardrop shapes of the mandala.

My final attempt was to leave less white space and go for a more filled look. Hence the use of  Shattuck

A great challenge this week and I have to stop now or I will be up all night.

Thanks to everyone who left coments last week they are much appreciated.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Diva Challenge #85

This weeks challenge from Laura is to use the Tangle Copada, the challenge can be found here and the instructions for Copada here. This was a new Tangle that I had not seen before.

I created something which was a monotangle to start with, but then had too much white space in so I added a couple of other tangles, then I thought it looked to busy so I added a bit of colour!!  The colour has not shown up that well, my scanner did not make a good job of it. I guess I should have just stopped earlier.

A great tangle though which now I know about it I will use in the future, thanks for letting us see this one.

And happy Wedding Anniversary to Laura,ours is coming up at the end of this week too, 23 the time has flown.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Zendala Dare #21 and Celtic Knot challenge #3

I am posting my tangles for two challenges together this week.

First the Zendala Dare #21 from Erin at The Bright Owl. I really enjoyed the shape of this weeks challenge. It allowed me to use some different Tangles from those I have done recently.

A fairly new Tangle is Cruffle which I liked the look of so I did the dare using this as a monotangle. The only difficulty I had was knowing how to shade it. I quite like how it turned out.

I had another go at this challenge, this time using Ennies and Cirquital.

After finishing my tiles I always have a look at other peoples art and there are so many fabulous examples. I think that I need to work on getting outside the lines a bit more rather than being so structured. Perhaps next week I can try a structured one and an unstructured one.

My third tile was Judy's Celtic Knot challenge #3 which can be found here

I decided to Tangle my initials and I used a bit of colour also to make it stand out. Celtic Knots are so much fun and so easy to do once you have been shown how.