Monday, 26 November 2012

Diva Challenge #97

The challenge this week from Laura at I am the Diva was to do a tangle with "No Strings Attached".

We were to create a tile, zendala, or ZIA without using a string.
I had a lot of fun with this one and took 3 different approaches.

We have recently been catching up with the first four series of  "The Big Bang Theory", a program which makes me laugh out loud.  So my first Zia was based on the "Big Bang!"

The second idea I was inspired by a tile from last week's challenge, Sorry I can not remember who's tile this was. It was to use Hollibaugh and tangle the spaces (I hope that doesn't count as a string)

For the third ZIA I decided to take a random approach.

Using the Tangle Patterns website I asked one of my family to randomly choose a letter, then depending on how many tangles started with that letter I got them to choose a random number, this gave me my first pattern. I just kept going like this until I had filled up the whole page.

 This is fun as it takes the control away from you and I used some patterns that before I had skipped past without even considering. You also have to find a way to make these random patterns work together.

Tuftid, Moving Day, Basketweave, Me-three, Scrumble, XYP, Emingle, Diagonals,
 Yang, Pane, Kinetic, Cracked,Cirquital, Cross Stitch

Friday, 23 November 2012

Diva Challenge #96

The challenge this week from Laura at I am the Diva was to use the Tangle Zinger which has recently been named by Rick and Maria.

I have not tried this one before and I like it, I used it like a plant in this tile which has quite an organic feel to it.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Diva Challenge #95

The challenge this week from Laura at I am the Diva is to use Mickey Mouse as your inspiration.

I live in Scotland but have been to Orlando for many holidays and always had a fantastic time at Disney, there's nowhere else quite like it.

I decided to go with the obvious inspration, the mouse himself. I started with the ears and went from there. Ttangles I used were: Cadent, Beadlines, Betweed, Shattuck, I can't remember what the one for the nose was!

I followed up with a plain old M which I tangled in.

Tangles used are Shattuck, Tripoli, Groovy, Cracked, Crescent Moon,Keenees Arrowheads, BlackEyed Peas, Ambler, Strircles

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Diva Challenge #94

This week's challenge from Laura at I am the Diva was to use the tangle SOCC created by Erin.

This was a new tangle to me and I really enjoyed using it, the first one is a monotangle, I did this just to get a feel for it and how it worked and then I was a bit more adventurous for my next tile.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Zendala Dare #30

It's been a few weeks since I have managed to do one of Erin's dares. Here's a link to this weeks challenge

As well as the Zendala template, the dare this week was only to use tangles starting with the letters
 P I E and to use a tangle you had not used before.

I went for new tangles Eye-wa, Eddy, Intersection and an old favourite Paradox.

I am not sure about this as it doesn't flow that well for me. I found it quite tricky using only these tangles, but a great challenge and one which pushed me out of my comfort zone of using the same tangles again and again.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Diva Challenge #93

Tha challenge from Laura this week was to use the new official tangle Bunzo. See the challenge here.

When I first saw this tangle I was struggling for inspiration, so I decided that I would just start and see where it took me.

I started drawing and after a while I saw hair, don't ask me why...!!  I like how it turned out though.

I then thought I will do another go and make this a more traditional tile, however it turned out to be another Zia, this time a tree!