Thursday, 1 November 2012

Diva Challenge #93

Tha challenge from Laura this week was to use the new official tangle Bunzo. See the challenge here.

When I first saw this tangle I was struggling for inspiration, so I decided that I would just start and see where it took me.

I started drawing and after a while I saw hair, don't ask me why...!!  I like how it turned out though.

I then thought I will do another go and make this a more traditional tile, however it turned out to be another Zia, this time a tree!


  1. Both are GREAT! I wish I had curly hair like this :-)

  2. You had fun with this! Both are clever ideas!

  3. Really like the presentation of bonzo as hair. Is unique.

  4. haha! what a great idea! i love the curls in the hair and the tree branches - wonderful!