Saturday, 17 November 2012

Diva Challenge #95

The challenge this week from Laura at I am the Diva is to use Mickey Mouse as your inspiration.

I live in Scotland but have been to Orlando for many holidays and always had a fantastic time at Disney, there's nowhere else quite like it.

I decided to go with the obvious inspration, the mouse himself. I started with the ears and went from there. Ttangles I used were: Cadent, Beadlines, Betweed, Shattuck, I can't remember what the one for the nose was!

I followed up with a plain old M which I tangled in.

Tangles used are Shattuck, Tripoli, Groovy, Cracked, Crescent Moon,Keenees Arrowheads, BlackEyed Peas, Ambler, Strircles


  1. Love Micky-looks like his ears are spinning

  2. Both beautiful. I think Candent is great for his ears.

  3. Love your Mickey and your M.
    Courtney Frantz

  4. haha! your mickey is great!!! i love those cadent ears - they would have made me crazy trying to draw those - yours is wonderful, fantastic fun!

  5. I love the look on Mickey's face! The patterns in the M are really a wonderful combination!