Saturday, 29 June 2013

ICAD Week 4

I am continuing my journey taking part in the ICAD (index Card a Day) challenge. Creating mini pieces of Art each day. It is great not only making your own art each day, but also seeing what amazing and creative things that everyone else in the group is making.
Everyone keep mentioning gelly plates which is something that I had not heard of before this group. I might have to find out what that's all about.

 Here is what have done for week 4.

Card #22

The prompt today was Owl. here are my 2 funky owls on a branch. Drawn with a micron pen and coloured pencils.
Card #23
I was on a roll with my funky birds so here are a couple more. Micron pen and coloured pencils.
Card #24
 The prompt today was a quote, I cheated as this is more of a definition. My son who is 14 is always being told to put a jumper and some socks on because I am cold. He complains that he is not cold. I tell him that it doesn't matter he is making me feel cold!!
This is a tangle called Knyt and was done with a micron pen then coloured in. It takes ages to do this tangle but the finished effect is great.
Card #25
Something a bit different today. I painted a card with black acrylic paint. Then I used Bare Trees stencil from Dreamweaver. Instead of using embossing paste with it I used something with a similar texture called fake snow. I then added some holographic glitter. It is dimensional and glittery in real life but this does not come across in the scan.
Card #26
Something simple. Panted with watercolours and coloured pencils.

Card #27 Sunflowers
This was stamped, coloured in acrylics then the detail added on using a prismacolour pencil.

The next card is running late as I spent ages making this decopaged Birthday Card for my son who is a big hot-chocolate fan especially with marshmallows!!


Friday, 21 June 2013

ICAD Week3

I am having great fun taking part in the ICAD (index Card a Day) challenge. Creating mini pieces of Art each day.

Here is what I made for week 3, what I love about this is that I get the chance to try lots of different techniques and each card turns out quite different.

Card #15
This started out as a magazine image which I glued on, gessoed over and then repainted in acrylics.
Card #16
Not much time today so a quick card using pastels. These are a bit too big for polka dots, but that was what inspired me.

Card #17 The prompt for today was mask.
I made the background with various distress inks, then used a mask and stencils though with distress ink. To finish I added die cut cogs and pearlescent paint

Card #18
Todays prompt was definition and I went for the obvious one! Art. I printed out the definition then coloured with pastels and drew a border around the edge

Card #19 Prompt was Italy.
The drawing was done using a micron pen then I water coloured the background. Thanks to Adrienne Smith for the inspiration after seeing her cards with buildings.
Card #20  I guess the prompt is summer, just something silly to finish today. A giraffe playing hide and seek in front of giraffe wallpaper!! Water coloured, then I added a bit of gesso dry brushed on to tone down my wallpaper.

Card #21 Metallic
This looks quite dull in the picture. However the background was painted with mica powder and then the swirl added with a Sakura Metallic Pen. This was quite a dark purple but dried strangely on top of the mica. I then highlighted with a Sakura white gelly roll. It is all quite shimmery in real life but the scan did not pick that up.


Friday, 14 June 2013

ICAD Week 2

I am having great fun taking part in the ICAD (index Card a Day) challenge. Creating mini pieces of Art each day. I can't believe that we are at the end of week 2 already.
Card #8.
 The prompt was Rubber Stamp. I stamped and embossed the image then washed over with acrylic paints. Finished off by highlighting the heart, wording and edges with a pearlescent paint
Card #9
The prompt is Sun. I was just playing with some acrylics making a background, then I decided it looked a bit like a sunset so I added a cut out sun.
Card #10
 Here I was using the prompt 'map' and just had a bit of fun

Card #11
I just realised I thought the prompt was Home but it was actually city! :-) This is painted in acrylics and is my favourite card of the week.

Card #12
Not much time today so a quick card. This is inspired by junk mail, the green hearts are cut from a UK car insurance flier. I doodled the girl and added a die cut word.

Card #13
The prompt I used today was Circus. I really struggled with this one, my first painted attempt I didn't like so I gessoed over it. This one was done with a red marker and I cut out the elephant on a ball and stuck it on. Still not happy with the final card, but it is good to try and stretch myself every day with something different

Card #14
The prompt for today was camera. I tried to make this look like the aperture on a camera. It's done in pastels, which is great because you get to make lots of mess and don't need to be too exact.

Friday, 7 June 2013

ICAD Week 1

I am having great fun taking part in the ICAD (index Card a Day) challenge. Creating mini pieces of Art each day. What is also amazing is looking at all the other fantastic entries and how different everyone's interpretations and styles are.

Day #1

My interpretation of the prompt Zebra, using acrylics and then adding a Zebra silhouette on top

Today was faux Stitching, I decided that I wanted to get the look of a quilt co I watercoloured using Derwent Inktense pencils, these are fantastic pencils, the colours are so vibrant.. I then added the Stitching using a Sakura Micron Pen. I had thought that I would stop here, but it just looked so bare and a bit dull and needed something extra. Hence the bad pun!

Day #3
The Inspiration for today was Paisley. I went back to Zentangle for this one and kept it fairly simple.

Day #4
This started as my card for yesterday (Paisley Bird). But after I drew the bird I hated it so put it aside. I came back to it today added colour and a border, but there was still something missing. So on went the "crown". Done in coloured pencils except for the gold crown which was painted with metallic paint. I am still not sure about the finished card but this is all about experimenting isn't it, so here it is!

Day #5. 
I am from the UK so had to Google Candyland to find out what it was, it seems a lot like that annoying addictive Facebook game I play!! Here is my take on it using Conte a Paris soft Pastels, a permanent marker to zentangle and a bit of hairspray to fix it.
Day #6
I have tried something completely different today, something abstract. My prompts were recycle and Wallpaper.  The black tree background is a piece of wallpaper stuck to the index card.  I then recycled a Dulux paint colour palette strip which I punched circles out of, cut into 6 pie pieces each and rearranged at random over the page.

Day #7  
I am again using the recycle as my prompt for today. I take part in a weekly Zentangle challenge which you can find here. So I am recycling my entry for that challenge and using it as my piece of art for today.

Wow, I can not belive that we are already at the end of week 1, it has been so much fun and fantastic to see the variety of art that people have been posting.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Diva Challenge #121

The challenge from Laura this week was to use the challenge 'Birds on a Wire' . You can see the challenge here.

When I saw this tangle I did not think of Birds (which would probably be the sensible thing) I immediately thought of TREES.  OK so I am a bit mad!

I did 2 tiles, both of which are on Index cards because I am also taking part in this challenge which is to produce a piece of Art every day for 61 days on an Index Card, It's day 6 and we are having lots of fun. Come back tomorrow to see my first week's worth of cards.

Here are the 'Birds on a wire' trees

And one without trees

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Diva Challenge #120

Oh dear I am running so late with the challenge this week. Too much going on and I have also signed up to the Global Corporate Challenge which is a Corporate Fitness challenge so we are in teams and counting our daily steps, trying to walk around the world (virtually). I have spent more time out walking and less time doing arty things.

The challenge this week from Laura at I am the Diva was to do a montangle using Bales. I love monotangle challenges as it means I do not have to think and ponder over which Tangles to use, it's all decided for me.  Bales is a great tangle, very versatile and easy to do tangelations with.

I am also trying out a new challenge, called Index Card a Day, which involves making a small piece of Art each day on an Index Card. The challenge lasts for 61 days.  See here for more details and here for my first day's card.

Index Card a Day challenge- Day 1

As well as Zentangle I have also got into Art Journaling and while blog hopping (as you do) I found a fun challenge. It's called Index Card a Day and can be found HERE.

The idea is that you use index cards to create a mini piece of art every day for 61 days. Tammy who hosts the challenge gives prompts each week as suggestions for you to follow. This is my first time trying this and it looks like it will be a lot of fun.

Here is my first attempt using the prompt "zebra"

I painted zebra stripes in acrylic on my card and then glued on a Zebra silhouette.