Friday, 7 June 2013

ICAD Week 1

I am having great fun taking part in the ICAD (index Card a Day) challenge. Creating mini pieces of Art each day. What is also amazing is looking at all the other fantastic entries and how different everyone's interpretations and styles are.

Day #1

My interpretation of the prompt Zebra, using acrylics and then adding a Zebra silhouette on top

Today was faux Stitching, I decided that I wanted to get the look of a quilt co I watercoloured using Derwent Inktense pencils, these are fantastic pencils, the colours are so vibrant.. I then added the Stitching using a Sakura Micron Pen. I had thought that I would stop here, but it just looked so bare and a bit dull and needed something extra. Hence the bad pun!

Day #3
The Inspiration for today was Paisley. I went back to Zentangle for this one and kept it fairly simple.

Day #4
This started as my card for yesterday (Paisley Bird). But after I drew the bird I hated it so put it aside. I came back to it today added colour and a border, but there was still something missing. So on went the "crown". Done in coloured pencils except for the gold crown which was painted with metallic paint. I am still not sure about the finished card but this is all about experimenting isn't it, so here it is!

Day #5. 
I am from the UK so had to Google Candyland to find out what it was, it seems a lot like that annoying addictive Facebook game I play!! Here is my take on it using Conte a Paris soft Pastels, a permanent marker to zentangle and a bit of hairspray to fix it.
Day #6
I have tried something completely different today, something abstract. My prompts were recycle and Wallpaper.  The black tree background is a piece of wallpaper stuck to the index card.  I then recycled a Dulux paint colour palette strip which I punched circles out of, cut into 6 pie pieces each and rearranged at random over the page.

Day #7  
I am again using the recycle as my prompt for today. I take part in a weekly Zentangle challenge which you can find here. So I am recycling my entry for that challenge and using it as my piece of art for today.

Wow, I can not belive that we are already at the end of week 1, it has been so much fun and fantastic to see the variety of art that people have been posting.


  1. My mouth is just hanging open when I look at your tangles..they are gorgeous! I'm gonna list you on Share the Link Love so everyone can enjoy:)

    1. Thanks Molly, I really enjoy doing tangles, it is so relaxing.

  2. Each day you create beauty! I love the challenge piece...the birds on a wire make a real statement in your art!