Saturday, 29 June 2013

ICAD Week 4

I am continuing my journey taking part in the ICAD (index Card a Day) challenge. Creating mini pieces of Art each day. It is great not only making your own art each day, but also seeing what amazing and creative things that everyone else in the group is making.
Everyone keep mentioning gelly plates which is something that I had not heard of before this group. I might have to find out what that's all about.

 Here is what have done for week 4.

Card #22

The prompt today was Owl. here are my 2 funky owls on a branch. Drawn with a micron pen and coloured pencils.
Card #23
I was on a roll with my funky birds so here are a couple more. Micron pen and coloured pencils.
Card #24
 The prompt today was a quote, I cheated as this is more of a definition. My son who is 14 is always being told to put a jumper and some socks on because I am cold. He complains that he is not cold. I tell him that it doesn't matter he is making me feel cold!!
This is a tangle called Knyt and was done with a micron pen then coloured in. It takes ages to do this tangle but the finished effect is great.
Card #25
Something a bit different today. I painted a card with black acrylic paint. Then I used Bare Trees stencil from Dreamweaver. Instead of using embossing paste with it I used something with a similar texture called fake snow. I then added some holographic glitter. It is dimensional and glittery in real life but this does not come across in the scan.
Card #26
Something simple. Panted with watercolours and coloured pencils.

Card #27 Sunflowers
This was stamped, coloured in acrylics then the detail added on using a prismacolour pencil.

The next card is running late as I spent ages making this decopaged Birthday Card for my son who is a big hot-chocolate fan especially with marshmallows!!



  1. Oh I just love the personality in your characters..the birds and the mouse....adorable and fun. So true about the sweater too!!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. The owls and funky birds are all so cute and clever. All that work you put into the sweater tangle made my hands ache. This was over the top. Lovely, diverse set of cards this week.

  3. Ooh, I saw your awesome sweater tangle on Facebook...I still love it! Your funky birds are awesome, and I really like your branches, too. I can just imagine how gorgeous the Bare Trees card is in real life when you can get the full effect.

  4. oh, your cards all turned out fabulous! love the trees, and the knyt tangle is amazing-that quote is true at my house too...=)

  5. Love your cards, so much variety. Looks like you had a lot of fun. If you google Linda Germain, you will find a tutorial for making a gelatin plate which is the homemade version of a gelli plate and you can decide if it is something that you like or not. It does get quite addictive in my experience!! :)