Friday, 21 June 2013

ICAD Week3

I am having great fun taking part in the ICAD (index Card a Day) challenge. Creating mini pieces of Art each day.

Here is what I made for week 3, what I love about this is that I get the chance to try lots of different techniques and each card turns out quite different.

Card #15
This started out as a magazine image which I glued on, gessoed over and then repainted in acrylics.
Card #16
Not much time today so a quick card using pastels. These are a bit too big for polka dots, but that was what inspired me.

Card #17 The prompt for today was mask.
I made the background with various distress inks, then used a mask and stencils though with distress ink. To finish I added die cut cogs and pearlescent paint

Card #18
Todays prompt was definition and I went for the obvious one! Art. I printed out the definition then coloured with pastels and drew a border around the edge

Card #19 Prompt was Italy.
The drawing was done using a micron pen then I water coloured the background. Thanks to Adrienne Smith for the inspiration after seeing her cards with buildings.
Card #20  I guess the prompt is summer, just something silly to finish today. A giraffe playing hide and seek in front of giraffe wallpaper!! Water coloured, then I added a bit of gesso dry brushed on to tone down my wallpaper.

Card #21 Metallic
This looks quite dull in the picture. However the background was painted with mica powder and then the swirl added with a Sakura Metallic Pen. This was quite a dark purple but dried strangely on top of the mica. I then highlighted with a Sakura white gelly roll. It is all quite shimmery in real life but the scan did not pick that up.



  1. I really love the still life... I missed that one on FB so glad I finally squeezed in time for a visit... I do like that you are doing a wide variety of styles but they still all look like they belong together... awesome...xx

    1. Thanks Tracey, this challenge is fun and I am doing things that I would probably never have got round to without a prompt.