Saturday, 6 July 2013

ICAD Week 5

I am continuing my journey taking part in the ICAD (index Card a Day) challenge. Creating mini pieces of Art each day.

 This week I was on holiday so only had access to limited art supplies. I ended up doing more Tangle patters this week which is where I feel most comfortable.

Card #28
The prompt today was my name. I painted a pearlescent background and Tangles my name. I only used tangles that started with the letter I was Tangling,  Flying Geese, Inapod, Oof, Neuron and Ambler

Card #29

The prompt today was Harry Potter. inspiration came from Harry's scar.

Card #30
The prompt for today was Pattern and Monochrome. I love Auranot. It looks very complicated but is really easy if you follow the steps and you can get great effects with it.

Card #31
More tangles. This time a Monotangle using MI2 which is a really fun tangle and benefits from shading. See here on my blog for before and after shading.
Card #32
Neutral prompt. I had dyed a couple of cards with tea coffee and was waiting for them to dry when I had a very strange conversation with my teenage son about a spaghetti yeti. I thought...why not. When I finished it and showed him, he said it was much more like a Tagliatelli yeti, but that doesn't rhyme so I am sticking with spaghetti. :-)
Card #33a and b
I was using these cards for 2 challenges. ICAD and I am the Diva weekly Zentangle challenge. The challenge was to use the Tangle Birdie Feet.
Card #34

This card was due on the 4th July so as a number of our US friends were celebrating that day I Tangled the US Flag. Some colour this week at last.

Card #35
The final card this week. While out for a walk along the banks of the River Tay I saw lots of Red Clover flowering. So I have drawn a couple of flowers in pastels. It's strange this is called Red Clover because it is really a pinky purple.


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  1. oh, your tangles are fantastic! and lovely flowers too...that yeti is too cute!