Friday, 19 July 2013

ICAD Week 7

Wow I can not believe that we have completed week 7 of ICAD and that I am still managing to keep up. There is great support in the FB group which keeps us all motivated and we get the chance to see so many great cards. You can find the challenge here.

When I started this challenge I pretty much stuck to the prompts, however I am now only sometimes doing that and the rest of the time I am trying out new techniques.

Card #43

This is my favourite card of the week. It is a really easy technique, just draw radiating lines then curves on each one and colour in. The trick is in leaving the highlights when colouring. It comes out really 3D

Card #44

This is my challenge piece for the Diva's weekly Zentangle challenge also using 2 tangles only, a Duotangle using Cirquital and Opus

Card #45
We spent the day at The Open watching practice rounds and so I had golf on my mind. There is a tangled olf ball.

Card #46
I was watching Alice in Wonderland when I started this and got my inspiration from the Red Queen who is a baddy and has a red heart on her lips. I tangled in the background to give it some depth.
Card #47
I am trying collage again. I have watched a few videos on Youtube and it looks so easy. I am still struggling. what kind of pulled this one together was the white pen. I got this a while ago but this was my first chance to use it. It is a UNI POSCA paint pen, fabulous.

Card #48

Watching more golf on TV today so I had to do something that wasn't messy (!). This was done using a couple of metallic markers.

Card #49

More golf, more doodling, this time with fineliners.



  1. Terrific cards! the highlight and curved lines on the first Tangle really make it pop!

  2. I am in awe of that golf ball. It is fantabulous. And I don't care if it's not a word. Of course, your other tangles are superb, too.

  3. I love your first card and I'd love to give it a try sometime! Thanks for making it look so lovely and simple! I'm also loving your Zentangles! I've yet to really give them a try!

  4. Fun set of cards. Love seeing you tangle. ;-)

  5. Great cards!! Yep, that golf ball is truly amazing! I also love #48! great work!

  6. Wow to the 3D-ness of Card #43!