Thursday, 26 September 2013

Diva Challenge #137 Tipple and Knightsbridge

The challenge this week from Laura is to produce a Duo-Tangle using only Tipple and Knightsbridge, you can see the challenge post here.

I enjoyed this challenge, I love using Tipple and a probably don't use Knightsbridge as much as I could so it was interesting to combine the two. Once I started on this I just kept on going it was so much fun, here are a couple of my attempts.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Diva Challenge #136 Colour

The challenge from Laura at I am the Diva this week was to use colour in our Tangle. You can see the challenge and all the other entries here.

I went about this challenge in 2 different ways, the first one was to colour my pages in my Art Journal with Pastels, one page in swirls, the other straight line. I then tangled in black.

For the second Zia, I used coloured pens. A local Tesco was having a sale and I picked up a set of 3 Pilot V5 pens in pink, lilac and teal which I probably would not have bought if they had not been in the sale. They are great free flowing pens with 0.5 nibs, I would definitely recommend them.

I had lots of fun with this challenge, thanks Laura.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Diva Challenge #135

It has been ages since I have managed to do any blogging or any of these challenges, just too much stuff going on this summer. However I am at home for the moment recuperating after an op so I have some time on my hands and a chance to do this week's challenge.

The challenge from Laura this week is to use the new official Tangle "well", you can see Laura's challenge here.

I decided that I would go with monotangles, I enjoy doing monotangles as it makes me try to use the pattern in different ways,  this is my favourite tile.I have a couple of structured patterns and a more organic version.

I like how the background turned out on this tile but I think the overall tile looks too busy
And finally I did a colour version, I love the pattern at the top and how this looks so different from the other versions of this pattern.