Monday, 25 November 2013

Diva Challenge #146 Duo-Tangle Pea-nuckle and Well

The challenge from Laura this week is to create a duo-tangle tile. That is a tile using only two tangles, pea-knuckle and well. You can see the challenge here.

The first time I met pea-knuckle was in Diva challenge #71, I found it really hard, until I practiced a bit  and got used to it. At that point I had only just started tangling so was much more of a perfectionist. I have learnt to let go a bit now and I am enjoying pea-knuckle more this time. I kept it quite simple.

Duo-Tangle Pea-knuckle and well.
 I am tangling in a journal with cream paper which is why the colour on this piece looks so different from the next one which was done on white card.

My tile from challenge #71

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Diva Challenge #145 Quib

The challenge this week from Laura was to use the new Official Tangle Pattern Quib. You can see the challenge here.

I like patterns like this one, it is fun just to play and try and get some depth with the interweaving lines.  I have decided to call this piece " Dancing Jellyfish " !

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Diva Challenge #144 A bugs life

The challenge from Laura this week was to be inspired by bugs, you can see the challenge here.
I decided to tangle a dragonfly template, this came from a Ken Kwok who set up a number of templates of animals.

This is the scan before I coloured it. I have then added cosmic shimmer paint, however when I tried to rescan it you can't really see the colour as it is iridescent , so I stuck with the before scan.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Diva Challenge #143 UMT - Cruze

The challenge from Laura this week is to use the tangle Cruze. I had not come across this tangle before. You can see the challenge HERE.

This was my first shot at this tangle and I did cheat and try it in pencil first to get the hang of it. Once you work out how it flows it is fun to do. I tried a wobbly variation and added a bit of Mooka to finish it off. Don't look too closely for the deliberate mistake.