Tuesday, 31 December 2013

December Rainbow Escape


Tammy over at the Daisy Yellow website has been running a challenge for December which is to create 7 journal pages using a variety of colour combinations and Journalling techniques. You can see the challenge here.

I am fairly new to journaling and still trying out new techniques so it was interesting to push myself to work with specific combinations. Here are my 7 pages that I produced

December Rainbow Escape - Page 1
Prompts picked at random were Green/Turquoise and Lyrics/quote
I painted the background in a lime green acrylic and then used stencils with turquoise and a darker green. I painted the butterflies with turquoise acrylic and green iridescent paint. My words are lyrics from a Queen song.

December Rainbow Escape - Page 2
Prompts picked at random were Green/Yellow and Haiku.
I painted the flower in various shades of yellow acrylic with a green background outlined with Inktense pencil in black. I wrote the Haiku myself with a little help from my daughter.

December Rainbow Escape - Page 3
Prompts picked at random were Purple/Indigo and Top 10 list.
I made the circles with 2 Inktense Pencils, violet (I didn't have purple) and Dark Indigo. I then added water and smooshed the colour around to cover the white spaces. The journaling of my top 10 art supplies was done around the circles in Purple gel pen. I decided it was still a bit plain so added the stars, then hated them and wished I hadn't! Hmm..but it was too late by then.


December Rainbow Escape - Page 4
Prompts picked at random were Orange/Yellow and Mind Map/Brainstorm.
The background is Mr Huey sprays and then I doodled with Red/Orange pen to make my interpretation of a neural network and then I have a thought which is the journaling roaming around the brain in black. A bit of fun.

December Rainbow Escape - Page 5
Prompts picked at random were Scarlet/Magenta and Alphabet Stencil.
The background is scarlet acrylic paint and then I got out some of my new stencils that Santa brought me and added more paint through them and also added Magenta highlights with Derwent Aquatone pencils. No real structure to this, just a chance to play with new toys!! It looks better in real life, the scanner seems to have knocked out some of the contrast.

December Rainbow Escape - Page 6
 Prompts were Turquoise/indigo and fancy hand lettering
 The background is turquoise acrylic paint then I lettered using an Indigo Inktense Pencil. I added stencilling with gesso and more turquoise paint and some die cut cogs (not sure why!) Highlighted the lettering with black and white ink.
December Rainbow Escape - Page 7
 Prompts were Red/Orange and Patterns/ Doodling
I did a background wash with red and orange Inktense blocks, then doodled with Micron pens. I then tried to shade using a paintbrush and inktense blocks. My scanner seems to have made this all look red rather than a mix of red and orange.


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  1. I love all these, Fiona. I don't feel I'm enough of an 'artist' to attempt an Art Journal yet - Zentangle does it for me at the moment but maybe I'll find the courage to incorporate more colour as I love your last page - even if you say the colours are perfectly reproduced here, the wash adds a lovely depth to the tangles. I don't even have any paints! (I cheat and run my drawings through BeFunky, which adds colour for me!) Love that Zentangle is in Scotland too! Axxx