Friday, 11 May 2012

I am the Diva-Challenge #69

This week's challenge from Laura at was to use the tangle groovy.
I have not used this one before so it was a bit of an adventure.

My last attenpt is the following tile, where I used the tangle 3 time in 3 different scales and one of them I added some modifications. I like the overall finished effect.

Before that I had a new blue pen so I thought I would try something blue, I was watching TV and saw a flag and thought why not do something patriotic. So here's my Groovy flag. It's a bit skew whiff but apart from that it captures what I was looking for. I shaded in black which was a mistake. I think next time it should be blue shading. However this is my first attempt as colour so I guess you live and learn.

My first attmpt at this tangle did not work but I would be happy for any advice people have. I was trying to get the look of a vortex, but I did not manage to get the feeling of depth that I needed, it looks very flat, any hints on how to do this would be appreciated. Where it's black in the middle I started with a net then checks, but it all looked too busy so I just went for black in the end!!


  1. All three attempts are beautifully done!

  2. These are amazing. So many things to do with Groovy!

  3. I actually love your vortex tile. It's so organic. The black adds dimension to it.

  4. These are wonderful, love your tangleations and tenacity! 1 Vote for Vortex too!

  5. Great tiles! I love the black in your vortex. But my favorite is the first one - I love how you have used the lines going both ways in each "groove". Your mooka is really well done too.