Saturday, 7 July 2012


This Tangle is for this weeks  Diva Challenge #77 .

This is a new tangle by Rho Densmore, CZT called Fiore di Pietro, she designed this tangle in memory of her Brother-In-Law Peter who recently passed away. You can read more here.

Rho, you have permission to use my design if you wish to include it in the rememberance book that you are creating.

Fiore Di Pietro

I found this a really interesting pattern that can be interpreted in many ways and there are some fantastic examples of this for this weeks challenge that can be seen on Laura's blog.

Fiore di Pietro, Wirlz and Tendrils


  1. I love them both, but the first is so beautiful. This tangle makes such a lovely border.

  2. Hi Fiona, these are both really lovely; but the first one captivated me the most. I really love the boldness of the center of the tile.

  3. Both your tiles are really beautiful, and especially, for me, the first one.

  4. These are wonderful tiles, I especially like the first one using the tangle as the center and as borders. The second one reminds me of an water scene with the tiny circles floating through the water and settling on the bottom. Nicely done.