Sunday, 22 July 2012

Zentangle Inspired Art Prompt #28 Tangled Fruit

This weeks ZIA prompt was to tangle using a string in the shape of a fruit. You can see the challenge  here.   I googled fruit for some inspration and thought a pineapple would be fun. I started by colouring the pineapple itself with a base colour which was a pearlescent paint. This does not work that well with the pens as the ink seems to sit on the top and goes a sort of grey colour rather than black. Apart from this I am quite happy with it as I am only just getting used to using colour and moving away from the traditional Zentangles.

Tangled Fruit

I also have a previous challenge that I had a go at called Tape the string. I had the same problem with this one and the pearlescent paint.

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  1. great job - i love pineapples and yours is making me hungry!